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Johnny Jackson
587 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6G  1A9
P: 647.847.0134

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  • Johnny Jackson isn’t a who. He’s a what. He’s the guy just off-stage at the concert, who will know the best restaurant for ribs in the next small town they’re playing in. He’s the guy down the street, who’s tinkering in his garage, fixing whatever vintage motorbike happened to roll into his life. Johnny’s the guy who picked up extra work as a stunt-man. As a lumberjack. As a short order cook. And loved every day on those jobs because he told stories and learned things and picked up an appreciation for how the world works. He’s not about being famous. Or rich. But he loves a great time and being comfortable, without a lot of fuss.

    If he happened to inherit a tavern, it would look a lot like this. Bit of this. Bit of that. Some food at the back of the house. The menu names things he loves – movies, places, people – moments. Characters. If you get it, fine. If you don’t, no worries. Pull up a stool, turn off your phone – grab a drink and let him tell you a story. Johnny Jackson is a bar, and it’s lots of fun. The music’s great and the late night food is exactly what you need after a night out. It’s the place for your next birthday party or bachelorette or it’s the place you wind up after someone else’s birthday or bachelorette. Comedy and Open Mic during the week, and the best parties on the weekend with a music mix that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Come by and hi
     ~ JJ 
    johnny jackson 1
    johnny jackson 2
    johnny jackson 3
    The bar is decorated with some of Johnny’s favourite things. Items he collected over the years bought, gifted and stolen. Drink specials are simple. Whisky or Beer. Or even Whisky AND Beer.
    johnny jackson 4
    johnny jackson 5
    Looking around the bar you will find memorabilia giving a glimpse as to who Johnny was. No item is random, everything has its place and a story.
    johnny jackson 8
    johnny jackson 6
    johnny jackson 7
    johnny jackson 9
    johnny jackson 10
    Framed photo of Jacques Villeneuve spraying champagne on his teammate Johnny Jackson.
    johnny jackson 11
    johnny jackson 12A signed copy of “Fast Times at Richmont High” from Director Cameron Crowe to Johnny Jackson.
    johnny jackson 13
    johnny jackson 14
    johnny jackson 15
    johnny jackson 16
    johnny jackson 17
    johnny jackson 18
    johnny jackson 19
    johnny jackson 20
    johnny jackson 22
    johnny jackson 24
    johnny jackson 25
    johnny jackson 26